What are rich snippets in WordPress?

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Nadejda Milanova · 17th January 2022·WordPress

What are rich snippets in WordPress?

What are rich snippets?

Rich snippets are snippets of information that Google Displays in search results. These snippets are often fully loaded with information, such as recipes, events, products, reviews, and even whole pages. If you're looking for the perfect recipe to try out this weekend, just search 'recipe' on Google and you might find this website:

rich snippet

Let's talk about rich snippets.

Rich snippets are snippets of information that can display in Google search results. They help Google understand your content better. The more structured data you include on your site, the greater the chances for rich snippets to appear in Google search results.

The benefits of rich snippets are numerous. For one, they increase your site's visibility. You'll also get a higher click-through rate. They create a richer online experience for customers, which can lead to more conversions. In order to get rich snippets, there are 3 different formats that Google supports:


  • Microdata

  • RDFa

Structured data is a way to provide more information about your website for search engines. This is often done through the use of metadata, tags, or microdata.

Schema.org is a set of schemas that are used for different purposes, tailored to fit the needs of businesses. The most common schema types are for general enhancements, local business, products or services, videos, and blog posts. Remember to implement these types if they fit your website.

There are many ways to implement structured snippets, including using plugins for sites that are powered by WordPress. If you have a WordPress site, WP SEO Structured Data Schema is the quickest way to implement structured snippets. It includes an easy setup, automatic updates, and it displays your structured data on your Google Rich Snippet Testing Tool Results Page.

WP SEO Structured Data Schema plugin is the way to go if you want to improve your site's SEO. With this plugin, it’s easy to set up rich snippets on your site. Keep in mind that the plugin only works on individual posts or pages, not on the homepage.

Setting up schema can be tedious and time-consuming. If you go to any page or post and edit it, scroll down to the WP SEO Structured Data Schema meta box and select the type that is the most relevant. Fill in all of the information and then click on Update.


This plugin makes it easy to mark up your pages with schema. It supports a wide variety of schemas and is extremely easy to use. This is a good plugin if you need to markup your site with schema across the page.

To appear on Google's knowledge graph, you must first specify your website, social media, and contact information. You can choose your "About" and "Contact" pages to have them automatically set up with schema. Advanced settings will let you disable duplicate features and delete all data when you delete the plugin.

A great way to set up your blog is to set up a sitewide schema. This way, you’ll have the appropriate markup for all your posts, pages, or products. For example, you can set up a “Blog Posting” schema type for your blog posts and all of them will have the appropriate markup.

How to test rich snippets?

This is a handy Google tool. Simply type in the URL of your web page or copy and paste some code to it, and you can see what rich snippets you are eligible for.


Google’s structured data testing tool allows you to preview the results of tests before publishing them. For a full breakdown, read the examples and guides provided by Google.

Google offers rich snippets for well-known brands, but it can be difficult to get them if you don’t follow their instructions. For example, the instructions say that the page should be crawlable and indexable. You can review Google’s structured data guidelines and common errors to see if your site passes the test.


If you want your brand to thrive, it’s important to have a strong web presence. Although Google always changes its algorithm, structured data will likely become a more significant part of what they rank as “the best search results.” The sooner you implement rich snippets on your website, the better off your brand will be.

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