Stablepoint can offer a wide range of Magento hosting options to host your eCommerce website. From small start ups with a handful of products to bustling stores with tens of thousands, we've got you covered. Our hosting packages below are fully compatible with Magento and are fully optimised out of the box.

As of version 2.4, Magento also now requires ElasticSearch for its catalogue search engine - this is included with all of our below packages at no additional cost.

Why Magento?

Magento is one of the world's most powerful eCommerce packages. It's also fully open source, which means it's massively configurable and extendable and so can be tailored entirely to your store's needs. The downside with this is that Magento is a very heavyweight application - it uses a lot of server and hosting resources and this is why where possible we'd say that Magento is not really suitable for a shared hosting environment. It's likely that whilst you would find the site fine in development, in production it doesn't take many users to exceed the resources allowed on a shared system.

Why Stablepoint?

Stablepoint hosts thousands of Magento sites across our infrastructure, so we know a thing or two about keeping things running smoothly. We deal with sites from the very large to the very small so we have a good idea of what solutions work for different levels of sites to maximise performance and reliability within your budget. All of our Magento hosting solutions are fully managed and monitored and we provide twice daily backups (offsite) at no additional charge.