How to make your WordPress website more engaging?

Nadejda Milanova

Nadejda Milanova · 01st April 2022·WordPress

How to make your WordPress website more engaging?

Lots of online content goes viral, but most of it is a quiz or some other type of interactive content. A recent study by BuzzSumo and Moz shows that the most shared content online involves questions related to the user and encourages people to share it. The future of viral content will be more interactive, according to experts.

The big question now is, how do you make your content more engaging and interactive? WordPress plugins are the answer! There are a number of different plugins to choose from, and they can be utilized in different ways.

User Generated Content

Passive blogging is one of the biggest mistakes a blog owner can make. Visitors want to see stories relevant to their interests and if you’re not posting articles on your website, you’re hurting your traffic.

Use Listly or another plugin to create a blog post that’s curated by others. Create question and answer sections in your WordPress site using plugins like WP Answers, DW Question & Answer, or Q&A from WPmudev. This is the same idea as Yahoo Answers and Quora: users answer questions on your WordPress site and you reward them with points when they do. Use Leaderboard plugins to create competition and give points only to the most active users.

This will motivate more people to create content for your site because they want their rank on the leaderboard to go up instead of down.

Polls and Quizzes

A lot of sites have only been able to get a lot of traffic by using interactive elements such as quizzes. Sites like BuzzFeed and PlayBuzz use them to create engaging content that attracts shares on Facebook and Twitter.

You can use polls, quizzes and personality tests on your website in order to get more engagement and traffic. These interactive elements are becoming really popular, so it’s important for you to know about them as well. There are many WordPress plugins that make interactive elements really easy to use. One example is Dilemma, which lets you create opinion polls, personality tests and quizzes.

If you are short on time and just want something to give your readers a little bit of fun, PlayBuzz is a great way to do that. PlayBuzz gives you the opportunity to quickly and easily create quizzes, polls, and interactive content for your site with just a few clicks. I know this from first-hand experience, as I’ve recently become a PlayBuzz customer myself.

Polls and Quizzes


Many people don’t know this, but you can add a chat function to your website. One plugin to consider is Private Messages for UserPro, which requires that the UserPro plugin for WordPress is installed on your website. This plugin will enable your visitors to chat privately with themselves and receive notifications when they have new messages from others.

Another plugin to choose is Chat by WPmudev. This plugin allows you to set up private chats, public chat sessions, Friend chats, Group chats, and more. Your visitors can sign in via Facebook credentials or Twitter and not just through BuddyPress or WordPress. All of this results in an increase in site traffic and more time spent browsing on your site because of the chat function.

Board Games

I find the website H5P to be very helpful. It’s a free plugin for adding boards games, flash cards, ‘drag the words’, and more to your website. You can use these interactive elements regardless of whether you’re creating a site for kids or adults to increase the time visitors spend on your website.

Once they have spent more time on your site, it will rank higher in Google search results and consequently have more traffic. H5P also helps reduce bounce rates and boost a site’s visit duration.

Responsive Image Maps

Responsive image maps are a fun way to show images that text can't describe. Tiny Image Hotspotter is a plugin that allows you to easily turn any website into a responsive image map. When the user moves their cursor over an image, a lightbox pops up, displaying more information about the image. Interactive image mapping is an ideal solution for art or photography sites that want to tell more about an image than just offering an enlarged version.


Gamification is just a process or technique that uses gaming elements and engagement mechanics like rewards, leaderboards, virtual currencies, points, etc.

For example, TripAdvisor uses gamification to encourage users to produce reviews and stimulate discussion on their site. When you do this, your visitors feel rewarded so they spend more time and effort engaging with your content.

There are plugins such as Achievements for WordPress and Captain Up that gamify your website by providing points, badges and levels. They work well to encourage users to engage with your content or contribute to discussions. These plugins also allow you to create friendly competitions on your website and rank your users based on their engagement levels.

Feedbacks and Ratings

Some websites don’t allow comments on the blog, so they ask for feedback and ratings on the content. If you want to do this as well, there are many types of WordPress rating plugins, like MyEffecto, FL3R FeelBox and Voting — Feelbacks plugin.



Many people have already begun to understand the importance of creating interactive content on their websites. As knowledge of interactive content grows in popularity, many people will incorporate it into their content strategy.

Who is this article really for? Bloggers, brands, and businesses are looking for ways to create viral content. Interactive content will soon become a norm as people continue to innovate and find new ways to produce viral content.

WordPress plugins are created to help you promote content on your website. If they are used correctly, they can act as a massive tool to engage more readers and encourage more people to share the content. WordPress plugins can help you engage readers, by providing engaging visuals and by making your content more readable.

Who is in the target segment: Content writers and bloggers who are looking for ways to engage readers.

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