Best practices when promoting a Podcast

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Best practices when promoting a Podcast

Podcasts are a growing trend, and for good reason. They offer listeners a unique way to get information in a convenient way. Plus, podcasts always have a host (or hosts) who lead the conversation, share stories, or report the news. When someone wants to create a podcast, they're known as a podcaster. To promote your podcast, you'll want to publicize it on different platforms. One popular platform is Apple Podcasts (which comes with the iOS)

As you can probably tell, podcasting is a hard job. But the reward is worth it. You'll get to dive deep into topics you're passionate about, and talk to all sorts of interesting people. The only problem is that it seems like it's harder to get people to know your show exists than making your show in the first place.

How to Promote a Podcast

The most important step in starting a podcast? High-quality content. A good podcast marketing strategy starts with great content. There are a few things to keep in mind: make sure you're engaging guests and speakers, check for quality audio, and always include transcripts and show notes.

No matter how you listen to your favorite news and entertainment, podcasting is one of the most popular ways. It’s so prevalent that it’s important to know your target audience. You can narrow your focus to find interesting material for your listeners. Just think about their age, education level, location, or related interests. When you identify your target audience, consider what they want to hear and tailor your content accordingly.

It's time to start creating your own landing pages. Podcasts are still a relatively new medium, but they're growing steadily and quickly. In order to make your podcast more visible, it's important to focus on your SEO. There are a few ways to do this: start by making a landing page for your podcast with relevant content. Make sure that the keywords you use are those that potential listeners are searching for online.

You've noticed that your podcast is being listened to by a small, niche audience. Here's an idea: Giveaways! Contests are a great way to get the attention of new listeners. Offer a service or product related to your podcast and ask for a review in return. This is also a great opportunity for cross-promotion. Find podcasts that have content similar to yours and see if they're willing to help promote your giveaway as well.

So, you have an email list. Now what? If a listener wants to subscribe to your podcast through email, they should be able to find a sign-up button on your website or podcast show notes. Email marketing is a great way to give listeners early access to new episodes and promote giveaways.

To promote your podcast, advertise on your social media channels. In this new era, the easiest way to promote your podcast is on social media. Social media channels are an affordable way to grow an audience around your podcast and make connections with others in the world of podcasts. You can post snippets for free on social media, but you also have the option of using paid ads to reach a larger audience. Influencers on social media channels are a resource for promoting your podcast.

Social media is a great way to spread the word about your podcast. You can encourage your listeners to spread the word about your show by sharing it on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Now that you've published your podcast episode online, it's important to optimize the content for search engines. You can include a transcription and show notes as well as an audio version of the episode. The written content will give your site more SEO benefits, but Google has recently started ranking audio content so you might want to include that too.


Mention Brands and Business. One of the best ways to get people to subscribe to your podcast is by using the law of reciprocity. For example, if you know someone who has given you a shout-out or done something nice for you, send them a shout-out on your next episode. Podcasting is all about reciprocating. It could be that someone sends you a shout-out and you feel obligated to do the same.

Anytime you mention brands on your podcast, you want to give them a heads up. You can do this by contacting them directly on social media and tagging the company in a post telling them about the mention. Another way is to send an email letting the company know that they’ve been endorsed on your podcast.

Which Promotion Method is Best for You?

Creating a successful podcast is tricky, but the most important piece of the puzzle is the audience. Finding the right podcast promotion methods is a trial and error process, but it’s worth it to experiment with different options until you find what works for your show. When you execute a social media promotion for your podcast, make sure to monitor what’s working and what isn’t—just as you monitor your podcast analytics to find out what listeners want.

When it comes to podcasts, quality is more important than quantity. It takes time and energy to build a great show, but that’s ok! It’s better to have a small audience that are engaged and spreading the word than a large audience that don’t care about the content. What matters most is creating excellent content. No amount of marketing or promotion will prop up a subpar podcast. Worried about how to promote your podcast? Start with producing the best episodes possible, then iterate your marketing efforts. With the right promotional goals, you will be able to monetize your podcast down the line.

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