5 benefits of a WordPress site

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Nadejda Milanova · 27th April 2022·WordPress

5 benefits of a WordPress site

The era of business without a website is far behind us, because today the process of creating a digital portfolio is as easy as possible and takes an extremely short time. In addition, it saves the energy and effort of entrepreneurs in search of a suitable web specialist for the development of a custom solution. And the fact that it allows the planned budget to remain almost intact is invaluable, because nowadays building a website is not an expensive pleasure.

And how could it be otherwise when there are platforms like WordPress that allow you to reproduce your idea of ​​a site on the digital canvas all by yourself and exactly as you imagine it. With the help of this web tool you can build your online project from scratch and turn it into the basis of your existing or still developing business.

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And in the following lines we will point out the main advantages of WordPress to understand why it is the most preferred content management system. If you already know the answer, hurry to let us know in a comment what is the biggest plus of the platform in your opinion.

Let's start!

1. WordPress is a convenient solution for complete beginners

The WordPress platform is an absolute favorite of many budding online businesses and web enthusiasts. But do you know why? Because it offers an intuitive interface and a convenient administrative panel for content management on the site. And today, when the world is not waiting and there is no time to lose, this is a serious advantage that cannot be overlooked.

If you recognize yourself as a beginner in building a digital presence, we should make one clarification - WordPress is part of the hosting service and with the order of WP hosting plan you get a ready, installed WP system. If you rely on a standard hosting service, the installation of WordPress takes place in minutes and can be done even by a person with basic technical knowledge. Experience with programming is not required, and this fact minimizes the need to master HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript and other complex technologies.

That's why WordPress-based sites now number 708 million.

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The easy operation of the platform saves time and effort for users who might otherwise invest in another area of ​​their business. Working with the platform is a song because they can now operate with individual blocks on their site, such as when creating a blog post. Thus, they will focus on the development of their site and business, strategic planning and new opportunities.

2. Offers a variety of themes and plugins

Design is the component that makes a website look beautiful and professional at first glance. It is the attraction that arouses curiosity about the idea presented on the site, and which holds the attention of visitors. And WordPress will win the approval of any beginner or advanced developer with a wide variety of templates, styles and layouts.

We suspect that it would be most difficult for you to choose a suitable theme because there are different types of designs, many of which would fit exactly into your ideas. However, the easiest part of setting up the chosen template is its installation, as you only need to press a button to find out what your future site will look like.

Most of the available basic and premium templates have a mobile version and are SEO optimized. In addition, they allow you to make fine adjustments without having to change anything on the subject code or turn to a specialist. Keep in mind that they are designed by experts who know the content management system in detail, and this is a guarantee of quality performance.

Here is the place to look at those small pieces of code called plugins, which give a complete look to the sites and are neatly arranged in a separate directory in the admin panel. Their task is to make it possible to perform certain functions such as adding galleries, shopping carts, payment modules, subscription forms and whatever else you can think of. And in WordPress, there are plugins for almost everything and you can use them depending on the needs of your site. They allow you to activate and deactivate them at any time, but we recommend that you be careful with their selection and use. It is possible that the work and their combination will affect the loading speed of the site.

3. The platform is constantly evolving and adapting to user needs

WordPress is based on open-source software, which means that new features and improvements are constantly being added by developers all over the world. This is one of the main reasons why the platform has developed so fast and has become the preferred tool for building so many websites.

The popular content management system (CMS) attracts different groups of people united around the idea of ​​making WordPress better and more complete for the needs of users. The joint work of graphic designers and developers allows the adaptation of themes to the specifics of each business.

However, you can find help not only in forums, hundreds of tutorials on YouTube and closed groups on social networks. If you need assistance with updating the WordPress version of the site, speeding it up or security settings, you can count on professional WordPress support.

4. WordPress + Google = higher ranking in search results

It is no secret that well-designed content arouses more interest, is scanned without much difficulty and is more easily perceived by the audience. You will probably ask what it has to do with WordPress. The common denominator is that each of the themes in the platform has the correct content structure, which allows Google bots to crawl it very quickly and smoothly. And this, in turn, will automatically rank your site in the top positions in search by users.

In addition, if you choose WordPress as the basis for your digital project, you can take advantage of great SEO plugins to keep your site optimized. Still, aiming to drive more traffic to it, right? In this case, you will have everything you need to monitor for faults and eliminate them when necessary. Keeping your site in shape will help you grow your business in the long run.

5. The platform is a reliable partner for any business

We hasten to clarify that over the years WordPress experts have been working towards security and protection from various vulnerabilities. Of course, there is no way this type of system can be completely protected from hacks and breaches, but we can responsibly say that the platform is among the safest and most sustainable web tools for building sites compared to others of its rank.

There are many plugins that you can add to ensure another level of protection. This will ensure that your site is ready to withstand some of the most common and well-known hacker attacks.

In conclusion

WordPress has a number of advantages over many different platforms for creating websites. Their number is far from limited to the five listed above. But we mark them as the most prominent and most popular.

If it weren't for them, the popularity of this system probably wouldn't be as great as the community around it.

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