Stablepoint is giving back to the planet!

Nadejda Milanova
Stablepoint is giving back to the planet!

The green movement is not a new concept, as it dates back decades. Since the first water pollution bill to the global Earth Day celebration in 1970, most green efforts were made by global companies or everyday people, but this is rapidly changing.

Companies, large and small alike, are joining efforts in the sustainability movement which is gaining more and more followers. But why the sudden interest?

In the past, any green efforts made by companies were mainly to boost their reputation, but today they are starting to see measurable, positive impacts. They not only increase in growth, but attract employees and establish new successful partnerships.


Speaking of successful partnerships, it’s time to introduce Ecologi – a project founded by three friends from Bristol, UK. Together they have created a platform for great climate action. Their profit is measured in impact, reflected in the way they spend your money. 85% of all earnings go directly to funding one their planet saving projects – tree planting and carbon reduction. With the remaining 15% they cover expenses like marketing, staff costs, licenses and hosting.

Tree planting

As we all know, planting trees is the best way to handle the climate crisis and keep Earth’s temperatures from rising above 1.5C. Trees are a crucial part in preventing ecological collapse.

Ecologi has partnered with The Eden Reforestation Projects who plant millions of trees around the globe each month. Stablepoint has chosen this project, currently supporting the company’s work in Madagascar, to leave our mark in the green movement.. We have been working with Ecologi for the last 13 months, which has resulted in a total of 6,646 planted trees and 218.89 t of carbon reduction.

Carbon reduction

Another project what Ecologi invests in is removing greenhouse gases. Each month they support a range of projects reducing carbon, certified at the highest level by Gold Standard or equivalent.


Corporate sustainability is going strong from just an optional task to a responsibility held by each and every one of us which can no longer be ignored. In 2021, more companies should join the green movement in order to impact customers, the environment and their own corporate beliefs and culture. This is only possible, however, with a strong commitment.

Nadejda Milanova
Nadejda Milanova

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