Your own web server, fully managed by Stablepoint, from £54.99mo

Upgrade to a dedicated cPanel web server, in the location of your choice. We manage and monitor it like with any of our web hosting plans, so you get cPanel/WHM, twice daily backups, automated malware patching, and so much more.

Server Features

All the benefits of Cloud servers, with our management, platform and support on top.

Host unlimited websites

No limit to the number of websites and accounts you can create. It's your server to use how you need.

cPanel Control Panel

We use the cPanel control panel to provide a familiar interface. It comes with the Softaculous auto-installer.

Emails included

Unlimited email accounts included with every package. Connect from your desktop, phone, or use the included webmail.

Free Migrations

Our in-house migration team will move your websites to our platform free of charge. We'll also help with emails and domains.

Constantly refreshing hardware

Our servers are 100% Cloud, so underlying hardware is constantly replaced. This protects you from failing disks, ageing infrastructure, or server neglect.


Just like our shared and reseller hosting, StablePoint is set up for security. We include daily malware scanning, automated patching, free unlimited SSL certificates, and twice daily offsite backups.

Near-instant setup

We use terraform to deploy servers immediately. After ordering, you'll be up and running within the hour.

Server plans

We go all the way from 2GB to 128GB of RAM, and can offer complex deployments designed around your needs. Every solution comes fully managed, with cPanel/WHM, and we'll migrate your websites in for you. Prices may vary depending on infrastructure provider - use the locations matrix to find the exact price for your desired server.


Ideal for low-traffic or development sites

  • 2Gb RAM
  • 50Gb SSD space
  • 2 Xeon CPUs

from £54.99/mo


Upgrading from shared? A great first step

  • 4Gb RAM
  • 70Gb SSD space
  • 2 Xeon CPUs

from £59.99/mo


Ideal for growing sites or resellers

  • 8Gb RAM
  • 150Gb SSD space
  • 4 Xeon CPUs

from £89.99/mo


Greater capacity for complex sites or small agencies

  • 16Gb RAM
  • 300Gb SSD space
  • 6 Xeon CPUs

from £129.99/mo


Easily handle traffic spikes and complex sites

  • 32Gb RAM
  • 620Gb SSD space
  • 8 Xeon CPUs

from £199.99/mo

Premium Plus

Hundreds of sites or up to 500,000 monthly visits

  • 64Gb RAM
  • 1200Gb SSD space
  • 16 Xeon CPUs

from £389.00/mo


Our largest server for consistent high capacity

  • 128Gb RAM
  • 2500Gb SSD space
  • 24 Xeon CPUs

from £749/mo

Running E-commerce?

If you are running an E-Commerce site (for instance WooCommerce on WordPress, or Magento) and you require PCI compliant hosting, talk to our sales team about our bespoke solutions on Amazon Web Services.

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Server locations & pricing

Find your desired server specification and location using the filter below.

Technical Specification

Exact server configuration can vary depending on your location and choice of provider.

Fully SSD

We only use solid state drives, for both reliability an performance reasons.

Unlimited Data Transfer

No limit to the data transfer you can use per month. As long as your server is used for web sites, it's good with us.

Malware Scanning

Our custom malware protection constantly checks your system for vulnerabilities and patches where necessary.

Redis & Memcache

Redis and memcache are added on all dedicated environments, to enable you to speed up more complex websites.

1 Gbit Port speed

No waiting for uploads or connections. Minimum 1gbit port speed on every server.

Protected Mail Reputation

We scan every outgoing message and send through managed mail servers, to ensure your mail gets delivered and your server does not get blacklisted.

Configurable Defaults

Even though we set sensible configuration defaults, you can change what you need. Configure your PHP settings from within the cPanel.

Anycast DNS

All domains run on our anycast DNS service. We provide non branded nameservers, but you can add out our whitelabel service to create your own and also choose a custom server hostname.

Frequently asked questions

Where are your servers located?

You get to choose. We use providers such as Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud, but you have the option of choosing which provider on sign up.

Where is StablePoint located?

We are a UK based company (StablePoint Limited) with our headquarters in London, England. However, we have staff around the world.

I'm looking to sign up, would you be able to help me move by website over?

StablePoint's in-house migration specialist team would be delighted to help you move over. Simply open a migration request ticket and we'll handle the rest for you.

Can you manage a server in my own Cloud provider account?

No. For control and security, all the servers we manage are within our own Cloud provider accounts. Only our most senior sysadmins have access to these accounts; not even our support staff.

What is the network speed?

None of our offerings offer less than 1gbit/s. Ask us if you require a speed or network test.

What control panel do you provide?

We use the industry leading cPanel control panel. We also add Softaculous auto-installer and Jetbackup backups.

Can I have root access?

No. We provide a fully managed service with centralised automation. If you want to sysadmin your own server we suggest you go directly to a Cloud provider such as AWS.

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