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Fully managed Web Hosting. Everything included. Instant setup.

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All Stablepoint web hosting services include...

24/7 instant tech support
24/7 instant tech support
Free domain name
Free domain name
Free SSL certificates
Free SSL certificates
Free migrations in
Free migrations in
Unlimited bandwidth
Unlimited bandwidth
Unlimited email accounts
Unlimited email accounts
One-click WordPress
One-click WordPress
Anycast DNS
Anycast DNS
Twice-daily Backups
Twice-daily Backups

At Stablepoint we offer the best web hosting we can, at a price that is significantly cheaper than any competitor. Why? Because it's 2022 and great hosting shouldn't be expensive. But also because we invested in creating a scalable, perfected hosting platform.

Already have a website? We will move you to Stablepoint for free.

Save the headaches and let us do the work. Our dedicated migrations team will handle the transfers of your websites in for you. We can even move emails and domains.

Already have a website? We will move you to Stablepoint for free.

20+ global datacentre locations

We harness the power of multiple different cloud infrastructure providers, to provide a truly global offering. Top-quality superfast web hosting, no matter where you or your customers are based. That's why we have customers in 70+ different countries, in six continents.

East Coast, USAEast Coast, USA
West Coast, USAWest Coast, USA
Central EuropeCentral Europe
Sydney, AustraliaSydney, Australia
London, United KingdomLondon, United Kingdom

Why Choose Stablepoint for Reselling Hosting?

As a web hosting reseller, you want to offer your customers the best possible service and support. At the same time, you need to be able to run your business efficiently and profitably. That's why Stablepoint is the perfect choice for reselling hosting services.

We offer a wide range of hosting plans that can be customized to meet the needs of your customers. We also provide 24/7 customer support and a easy-to-use reseller control panel that makes it easy to manage your customers' accounts.

Plus, our reseller hosting plans are competitively priced, so you can make a good profit while still providing your customers with an excellent value.

If you're looking for a reseller hosting partner that can help you grow your business, contact Stablepoint today. We'll be happy to answer any questions you have and get you started with our reseller hosting plans.

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Frequently asked questions

What is web hosting?

Web hosting is a service which provides space on a server connected to the internet in a datacenter. Uploading or creating your website on web hosting is what allows people around the world to visit your site on the internet.

Stablepoint makes this process very straightforward, and very cost-effective. From just a few pounds a month, we provide a web hosting service for your website and emails, powered by the industry leading and easy to use cPanel control panel. This puts everything you need at your fingertips - whether you're uploading a new logo image for your website or creating a new mailbox or email forwarder.

Do I need to have technical website development or server administration experience?

Everything we sell is designed so you do not need to have any prior technical experience or knowledge.

In terms of server management, we take care of it all. Whether you take our smallest Go web hosting plan, or if you go for a dedicated server, the systems are fully managed. Ultimately we manage everything up to your website.

You may choose to use a web developer or designer to build your website. They will be happy to use Stablepoint also. But this is not needed. We offer over 300 different website builder applications you can auto-install to build a site yourself. By far the most popular is WordPress, which powers over 35% of websites online and runs perfectly on Stablepoint.

How long does my web hosting package take to setup?

Set up with Stablepoint is near-instant, and after ordering you should receive your welcome details within just a few minutes. This contains your hosting control panel (cPanel) details as well as other basic set up information such as nameservers for pointing your domain to Stablepoint.

If you have ordered a domain name with Stablepoint it will be registered immediately and will start working as soon as DNS has propagated (usually a few minutes, but sometimes can take a couple of hours). If you have a domain elsewhere you just need to change the nameservers on your domain with your domain registrar to point to Stablepoint. Instructions for this will be in your welcome email but if there's any problems or confusion at all please don't hesitate to get in touch.

How can Stablepoint be so generous with resource limits?

On our web hosting plans we offer really high resource limits. This applies to disk space as well as bandwidth. On some packages we do not have any limits whatsoever.

There are three reasons for this.

First, we have invested a lot in our technology setup and designed it to scale. That means that we automate a lot of server configuration and management, reducing our overheads. Every single server we run for instance (thousands) is identically configured. That saving we pass on to you.

Second, because we are cloud-based we can keep increasing resources. If a server is running out of physical disk space, we can attach new storage volumes.

Third, it's generally simpler. We operate at such scale that we have enormous bandwidth commitments we can pass on. Provided that you use your web hosting for hosting websites and emails (and not, say, for backup storage) we will not limit your usage.

Are there any restrictions about what I cannot host?

As long as your content is legal under UK and US law (as well as the jurisdiction where you choose your web hosting) we will not restrict content.

Our services are designed for hosting websites and email only.

Specifically, you cannot use our hosting for:

We specifically do not allow

  • video "tube" sites (adult or otherwise)
  • file or cloud backup services
  • cryptography miners
  • file sharing
  • any directories of copyrighted content

Feel free to raise a live chat with one of our representatives if you are unsure and we can happily assist.

Does Stablepoint offer 24/7 technical support?

Stablepoint is a 24/7 company which means we can offer true round-the-clock support on live chat, tickets and by telephone.

Our teams operate in multiple locations around the world (London, Sofia, Bali) which gives us full coverage across 24 hours of the day. None of our staff need to work night shifts -- you will be speaking to a support engineer who is wide awake and excited to help!

Can Stablepoint migrate my existing websites for me?

Yes. We have a dedicated migrations team who will move your websites from your existing provider to Stablepoint.

We would need access to your old hosting provider.

Once you have placed an order for the hosting, please open a migration ticket in our client area.

Can I host multiple domains on my hosting account?

You can host multiple sites by using Addon Domains on all of our hosting packages apart from the Go and Starter which only support a single distinct site. Both Go and Starter packages do support Domain Aliases, which means you can point multiple domains to the same site. For example, you could have,, all pointing to one website.

How can I see my server information?

Once your account is set up, you will receive a welcome email with all of the necessary info to get you started. This includes your server hostname, IP address, username and the password to your control panel. You can also log straight in to the control panel through your Stablepoint client area.

If you register a domain name with us it will automatically point to your hosting plan. If you register one elsewhere, we will include the DNS records or nameservers you need to set to point that domain to your new Stablepoint hosting package.

You can also see your server's IP address in cPanel on the right side under the general information tab.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my plan?

Yes. It is straightforward to upgrade and or downgrade. Please just let our support team know, or request the upgrade through the system.

For upgrades, we will pro rata charge you the cost for the upgrade until the end of your current billing term.

For downgrades, we can downgrade you at the end of your term. We do not pro rata credit back for downgrades part way through your billing cycle.

How do I login to my Cpanel?

We provide several methods of accessing your hosting control panel.

If you have the username and password and if you wish to login via a direct URL you can do so by using the server hostname and adding ‘/cpanel’ at the end of it. You can find the server hostname in the welcome email we have sent you with the initial order.

This method would also work with your domain name, for example as long as it is pointed to your server with us.

Additionally, you can use the auto-login feature through your StablePoint client area. For this once logged in navigate to My Services > Hosting Accounts > Click on your hosting account and where under Quick Login you will find the button to access your cPanel dashboard.

Our support team remains available should you encounter any issues along the way!

Can I change the main domain of my hosting account?

The primary domain name in cPanel takes a central part of the account structure.

We can change it for you, however keep in mind that the following services will be modified as a result: emails, website files, FTP accounts, DNS records, and subdomains.

The new domain name cannot already exist on the server.

If you wish to change the main domain, you can get in touch with us via a support ticket and we will happily assist.

What is Reseller Hosting & Would it benefit me?

Reseller hosting is a great option for several use cases. The first and most obvious case, is for a person or company that wants to "Re-sell" hosting space - so you get given a certain amount of resources and maximum accounts, and you can divide this up and sell hosting space to your clients. Perhaps this could be to friends and family, or on a professional basis it could be to sell to your clients as a way to generate recurring revenue. This is perfect for web design or web development agencies who are happy to manage the web space for their clients, and it means you can often 'jump in' and fix and help with issues your clients might be having with your reseller access, saving time because you're not needing to ask them for logins and so on.

The other use case is for other web professionals that may have lots of developed websites, and are looking for a way to host them economically without worrying about server management and backups and so on. All of the sites under your reseller account are also logically isolated using Cloud Linux, which means that one site cannot affect another if for any reason it's compromised or has any other problems. If you'd like to discuss the features of our reseller hosting, or are not sure whether it would be suitable for your needs please don't hesitate to get in touch.

How long does it take to activate my Reseller Hosting package?

Once you've ordered and paid for your reseller hosting account, you should receive your welcome details to login and get started within just a few minutes. On rare occasions, we may need to get in touch to discuss some more details with you if your order is slightly unusual or if there's any information missing, but we will let you know as soon as possible if this is the case.

If you have any problems getting started or if you need any help or assistance at all, please don't hesitate to get in touch with our support team.

What billing system do you recommend?

A billing system provides an easy way to manage how you bill your clients. Creating invoices or repeat billing clients each month can be entirely automated with this software. It can also automate setting up accounts under your reseller, as well as automate the process of sending welcome emails and so on to your clients. The industry leader in this space is WHMCS ("WHM Complete Solution") and this product is owned by cPanel. It's paid software so requires a license, and monthly fee is dependent on the number of active clients in your install. You can find out more about WHMCS here

I currently have a reseller hosting account elsewhere, can you assist in migrating my websites?

We have a in-house migration department which focuses primarily on just migrating customers/accounts be it a single site or many more. The most straightforward migration process is where your existing host uses cPanel/WHM just like us. We can take the cPanel backups and import everything across to our systems. If your current reseller host uses a different platform, please let us know the details and we can start planning the migration process, it just might take a little bit longer due to the manual processes involved.

How do i manage my Reseller hosting account?

Your reseller account comes with two control panels, cPanel and WHM. WHM is your reseller control panel and this is where you manage all of your sub-cPanel accounts for your clients. From here you can create additional accounts, manage resources and limitations, add additional features and so on. This is essentially a top-level view of everything under your reseller account.

Each client or cPanel account that you create in WHM, has its own separate cPanel login. cPanel is where you manage each individual site or account, and this is where you create mailboxes, install WordPress, or check your site statistics.

Will my client's control panel have the same features as i do?

Yes, to an extent. Only you, the reseller has access to the over-arching Reseller panel which allows you to control and manage all of your cPanel accounts. You then have control over what features each individual cPanel account has access to, either individually, or through packages. So if you want to restrict access to certain features in the cPanel, you can do this or if you want to give your clients access to every feature in cPanel, you can also do this.

What is a Cloud server and what are it's benefits?

A Cloud server, essentially means that the server is dedicated to a single business customer, dedicated entirely to your website and its needs. All of the resources are yours alone and you won't be sharing them with other clients. This leads to increased speed, security and reliability.

We manage every aspect of our Cloud Servers with Stablepoint, which means we manage and monitor the server 24/7. This comprises multiple service checks every minute as well as automated backups taken twice daily and retained for 30 days. We also update your server software, for example the operating system, cPanel and services like Apache and MySQL as and when necessary.

What do i need in order to set up my Cloud server?

In order to set the server up we need to verify your details and payment information. Please ensure your profile contains your full address and phone number, as well as any business information if this will be for a business. We would also need a scanned or photographed copy of government issued ID, with your full name and registered address visible. Finally, we will need to know what you will be running on this server and what domain name you will use for primary login.

Is it possible to order additional IP addresses for my Cloud server?

Unfortunately, because of IPv4 exhaustion (the internet is effectively running out of IP addresses) we are unable to provide additional IP addresses to a managed server.

Generally speaking, dedicated or multiple IPs are no longer necessary from a technical standpoint (because of SNI in the case of SSL certificates on multiple websites) and also from a search engine optimization perspective, dedicated or multiple IP addresses are no longer relevant there either.

In addition we have decentralized our email system by relaying mail through SpamExperts and MailChannels. This way mail is delivered safely and reliably regardless of the web server IP address reputation.

If you have any further questions or concerns our support staff is available 24/7 to address them.

How long does it take to deploy my Cloud server after i made a purchase?

We aim to deploy all managed servers within 24 hours of your order. This means provisioning the server, running any updates, configuring the system how you want it and installing any custom server software that you require. If you require us to migrate an existing site to your new server, then just let us know at the time of the order so we can incorporate that process in to the provisioning.

Keep in mind that providing all the necessary info that we've mentioned upon making an order helps us to deploy your server as soon as possible.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is an open-source content management system which was founded in 2003. A content management system makes it very easy to add, update and make regular changes to your website without having technical knowledge. Since that time, WordPress has grown and is the largest and most well known content management system around. It now powers nearly 40% of websites on the internet.

WordPress is a good option if you're starting out and wanting to build a website because there are thousands of ready made themes you can use to change the look of your site (without web design knowledge) and plugins to add additional functionality like a mailing list, contact forms, or eCommerce (selling) through your site. All of our hosting packages support WordPress, and you can be up and running within minutes with our easy to use control panel.

I have a WordPress site with another host, can you transfer it over?

Yes, once you've purchased your chosen hosting package - simply raise a migration support ticket within our client area and send over your old hosting account logins through the secure area. We will migrate your Wordpress site as is and transfer everything without causing any downtime and is usually done within 24 hours (usually much sooner!).

Do all of your plans support Wordpress?

Yes, all of our hosting packages full support WordPress. You also have access to our one-click auto installer, which means after signing in to your hosting account, you can be up and running with WordPress in just a couple of minutes. We can also offer advice and tips regarding WordPress optimisation and performance via our experienced support team.

What is the best plan for my Wordpress website?

The best Wordpress plan for your website would depend on your business goals and budget.

For many users just starting out, the Starter package is the perfect place to begin. It contains ample resources for a new site, is well optimised for WordPress and you can be up and running in just a few minutes. For users with an established site, perhaps with thousands of visitors per day or with more complicated eCommerce needs, you may need to look at our more advanced packages which come with more resources or even our Managed Dedicated Cloud Servers which provide a dedicated hosting environment for your site.

What is a domain name?

A domain name is a fundamental part of a website - it's the address you visit or type in to your browser to visit your website. Recently, there's been an explosion of available domain extensions - so no longer do you just have to have or - you can have or amongst many many more. Use our domain search tool to find a great available domain name for your new website, and complete the checkout process to purchase the domain name and add it to your account.

Do i need to purchase a domain name to get started?

No, if you already have a domain name, you can simply type it in when making an order and the system will ask you whether you wish to transfer the domain name to Stablepoint or update the nameservers to 'link' your existing domain to your new hosting service with us.

If you don't already have a domain name, you can purchase one when you order your hosting through Stablepoint, or you can purchase one from another provider and point the nameservers on that.

Can i transfer my Domain names to Stablepoint?

Yes, you can transfer over a hundred different types of domains to Stablepoint - from .com, .net, .org, .uk and many more. The option to transfer a domain is available in your client area. Some domains require a transfer fee to be paid at the time of transfer. Where this is the case, a year gets added on to the renewal date once the transfer completes successfully. Other domains, like .uk domains are free to transfer and the renewal date doesn't change.

Once you've placed a transfer order, you'll be updated on a confirmation email for when the domain has been transferred in to us or if there's any other steps you need to complete.

Do you offer bulk discounts on domains?

Our domain prices are very low. However, we may be able to offer discounts on some of the more unusual TLDs if you have over 50+ domains registered with us.

Can you register .gov or domains?

Get in touch with us. We can arrange this but they are custom and will require some back and forth.

What is your IPS tag?

An IPS short from Internet Provider Security tag is a unique label that was implemented by the UK domain registry (Nominet) in order to identify licensed Registrars.

This tag looks like a sequence of capital letters and numbers, sometimes with a hyphen. It is most commonly used for domain operations such as domain transfers between two UK Registrars. The tag also serves to protect domains from being transferred away from a current owner without authorization as only the tagholder (Registrar) or Nominet are able to update a domain's IPS tag.

A .uk domain transfer operates slightly differently from other domains in that they are 'push' transfers - so after ordering your domain transfer through our site, you then change the IPS tag on the domain with your current registrar to our tag. This 'pushes' the domain to our systems, where you will then have control of the domain.


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