Technology & Networks

Stablepoint uses the latest technology to provide fast and reliable hosting. As an independent company run by experienced industry experts, we have created our systems from the ground-up so we are not burdened by legacy systems. Everything we offer is designed to be future-proof and to make our clients' lives easier.

100% Cloud Infrastructure

Stablepoint is built on top of world-leading Cloud infrastructure providers, including Amazon Web Services, Digital Ocean, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure. These providers have invested billions of dollars in their networks and technology, so we fully leverage their systems to our advantage.

We use Terraform as a deployment layer so that we are not tied to any single provider. All of our shared, reseller and virtual dedicated hosting is deployed in a consistent, automated manner.

Benefits include:

  • Constantly refreshed hardware. Underlying infrastructure is replaced with minimal disruption to sites and no action required on your part. You won't find yourself on end of life systems in five years' time, or being put through confusing server migrations and nameserver changes.
  • Automatic mitigation of issues. Most hardware and network problems are dealt with automatically. Digital Ocean and Google Compute offer 'Live migration' technology, reducing the number of incidents which cause downtime.
  • Global Scale. With servers in multiple locations and with multiple providers, we can isolate problems and deal with them individually. You can separate different websites to different servers with different providers in different cities, all with one set of nameservers.
  • Cost savings we pass to customers. No expensive data centres to maintain, no upfront hardware costs, no staff time wasted moving physical boxes. That's why our hosting is such good value.
  • Limited sites per server. We limit the number of clients per server to ensure consistently good performance for your sites
  • Centralised maintenance and updates Regular maintenance is essential for good performance and security. Our automation helps us test and deploy security updates promptly, and set bespoke maintenance windows where required for dedicated server customers.
  • High-Availability options We can offer various high-availability options including Digital Ocean Managed MySQL/Redis, Amazon Aurora, Google Cloud SQL, and replicated storage to cope with the loss of entire datacentres. With Jetbackup's Clone feature, we can maintain two copies of dedicated servers for quick failover. Please contact us for a bespoke quote.

80+ Locations

Choose a hosting package location on signup, or opt for your own server and get even more choice (between specific Cloud providers, or more location options).

All systems are configured identically and work the same way, regardless of the provider or location. So you get the same reliable Stablepoint hosting, from Amsterdam to Sydney.

Locations matrix

Scaled Standardisation

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Our servers are configured identically, and managed centrally. If a setting is tweaked to improve performance or increase compatibility, it happens (after testing) universally on all of our systems.

No Human Error

We use Ansible to centrally control our entire server configuration state. Rules are configured in our network HQ, then rolled out to systems programatically. For dedicated server clients, our client area will soon allow you to save templates to repeat server deploys in one click, with all your custom settings preconfigured.


We run the market leading cPanel control panel on every web server. Reseller plans include Web Host Manager.


We offer truly unlimited hosting. Obviously, physical servers have capacity, but we automatically add additional space and memory to servers when required.

WordPress Optimised

No need to spend more for a WordPress optimised host. Every Stablepoint server is designed to run WordPress fast, with a handful of WordPress tools.


The Softaculous Autoinstaller is added to every web server. 200+ applications can be added and configured in one click.

2xDaily Offsite Backups

Twice-Daily offsite backups are included free with every plan. We use JetBackup to allow you self-restores and browsing within your cPanel control panel.

Uptime Monitoring

We use industry-standard uptime monitoring, and can share the information with you. Dedicated server clients will soon have access to an array of data regarding their system health, although we also monitor all systems directly and pro-actively.


This matrix shows our current availability with each cloud provider. You can mix and match any Stablepoint account type in any location. The 3 letter location code is our internal designation, based on airport codes where possible!

Note: * denotes special setup required. Cities in bold are coming soon. Cities are approximate.

Don't see a location you need? Please check with us!

CityDOGCPAWSAzureAlibabaTotal Choices
BelgiumSt. Ghislain-BEL2---1
United KingdomCardiff---CAR4-1
North America
Québec City---YQB41
United StatesIowa-DSM2-DSM4-2
New YorkNYC1----1
Los Angeles-LAX2---1
Oregon (US West)-USW2USW3--2
Salt Lake City-SLC2*---1
San FranciscoSFO1SFO2SFO3SFO4SFO55
South Carolina-CHS2---1
Virginia (US East)-USE2USE3USE4USE54
South America
BrazilSão Paulo-GRU2GRU3GRU43
Middle East
UAEAbu Dhabi---AUH4*-1
ChinaHong Kong-HKG2HKG3HKG4HKG54
MalaysiaKuala Lumpur----MYS51
South KoreaBusan---PUS4-1
S. AfricaCape Town--CPT3CPT4-2
Total Locations5082120341295

How it works

To make our server deployment as streamlined as possible, we have combined some of the most powerful automation and management tools and techniques available today.
  • Infrastructure as Code Each server begins by being defined as a terraform configuration. This allows us to both provision a server on numerous cloud providers in seconds, but also provision the various requirements (licenses, DNS configurations, etc.) completely programatically, with no human intervention required.

  • Configuration Automation Once a server has been created, its details will be passed onto ansible, where a consistent configuration is applied. From security profiles to email configurations, all of our servers begin life with a carefully designed and automatically applied configuration.

  • Cloud Suitable Management Infrastructure at a global scale requires global scale management. Our management tools are spread across multiple locations to ensure that we can control our systems as efficiently as possible. This lets us keep your sites running smoothly, no matter where they're located.