At Stablepoint we have built a technology stack using modern deployment tooling that we can run on any web server or cloud provider, including Google Cloud Platform. This turns whatever cloud server you choose into a perfect web hosting environment, and ties it into our backup, dns and management systems.

To set up a new Google Cloud system on to our platform is straightforward and automated. Within an hour you could have all the benefits of both Google Cloud Platform and the Stablepoint web hosting platform.

Why Google Cloud Platform?

Built on the infrastructure that runs the Google search engine, Google's Cloud Platform gives unparalleled computing performance with access to the fastest CPUs and latest server hardware. During scheduled maintenance of a Google data center, Google Cloud can automatically migrate servers from one host to another without involving any action from the users and without causing any downtime.

Google Cloud vs. standard Stablepoint hosting

The hosting environment you will get between Google Cloud dedicated server and standard Stablepoint hosting is functionally identical.

With Google you are paying for a trusted hardware name, and the prestige of being hosted by Google. If clients do a public look up on your hosting, for instance, they will see that it is hosted on Google Cloud Platform.

There are some technical hardware benefits, namely the live migration feature - but we should stress that hardware issues on any of our systems is extremely rare.

Underlying hardware

Google provides the infrastructure on their Google Cloud Platform. We arrange this on your behalf and the server would sit in our Google Cloud account. This is just like if you went and bought the server directly through your own Google Cloud account.

Live migrations

Obviously Google have some serious experience running their own websites, and the benefit of that is passed on through Google Cloud Platform.

Live migrations are magic. Google does not make clear how their magic works, so we can't explain it to you. But in brief, if your server has a hardware issue, Google will live-migrate your website to new hardware without even taking your websites offline even temporarily.

Bandwidth & network

Because Google provide your hardware they also provide the network on which that hardware is accessed. Their network is of course excellent.

Full management

We manage your server completely. You do not need to have any technical experience. Our systems team manage and monitor your server just like the thousands of other shared, reseller and dedicated servers we run.


We provide the industry leading cPanel control panel so you can manage your websites with easy.

Offsite Backups

We backup your website daily and store those backups offsite. You can backup on demand and self-restore in the control panel.

Anycast DNS

At Stablepoint we run one amazing Anycast cluster on AWS. This gives you DNS servers that you can tie into, and use our standard nameservers (or custom nameservers).

Software installer

Autoinstall 300+ different types of software, including WordPress, in one click. We are sure this is the easiest way of running a WordPress website on Google Cloud!

Outbound mail

Google block outbound mail on their systems. We send your messages out through trusted mail partners like MailChannels and Spamxperts to guarantee mail deliverability.

Server security

Full security updates, patching and more. We run CloudLinux OS to keep your server secure at all times.

Website migrations

Free inbound website migrations to your new Google Cloud server. Handled at any point by our expert team.

SSL certificates

Unlimited automated SSL certificates for all your domains and subdomains.

Google Cloud Hosting pricing

Our pricing includes the underlying hardware cost, all licence fees, as well as our management fee. Google has strict bandwidth (data transfer) limits which we need to enforce, but we can pass on excess bandwidth fees at cost.

You can order through our website and set up takes less than two hours. If you need a custom specification or a multi-server instance please get in touch.

Google Cloud Hosting FAQs

Can I choose my Google server location?

Yes - we can deploy to any Google Cloud location. Just choose your desired location as you add order. If you have a special request please get in touch with our live chat team or leave a note on your order.

How many websites can I host on my Google server?

We do not limit the number of websites you can host.

There is a licence cost implication of the number of cPanel accounts you want to run. In our default pricing we include 30 cPanel accounts.

If you want to add more this is fine but we will pass on a nominal cPanel licence fee at cost.

Can you manage a server in my Google account?

We cannot manage servers in your Google account. We work at scale and systems need to be entirely in our account and managed by us.

We can however offer custom deployments if you need something special.

If you already have a server with Google, we can move the websites on it to a new server with us.

What access level do I get to my Google server?

We provide you with cPanel/WHM access.

Because we fully manage the server we retain root access. All our automation and systems are managed centrally.

With cPanel/WHM you have all the access you need to run websites and emails.

What can I use my Google server for?

At Stablepoint we provide website and email hosting. That is our reason for existence. Most clients with us tend to run one or more websites, either custom built or using something like WordPress. Many also run their business emails on servers with us.

If you need a dedicated server for other reasons - like crypto mining, a game server, for computer backups, and so on -- then we are not the right company for you. You are much better to go to Google directly.

Does Stablepoint provide shared or reseller hosting on Google Cloud Platform?

We can only provide full dedicated servers (cloud servers) on top of Google Cloud Platform. We do not divide these servers into shared or reseller environments.

Google Cloud Platform is a premium option, and the primary benefit of choosing it is for prestige. If you have a limited budget our advice would be to use that budget to choose a higher specification shared or reseller web hosting plan, rather than opting for a more expensive underlying provider.

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