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Setting up MX Records

Posted 12th August, 2019

At Stablepoint, you can setup your own MX Record, if you are looking to use another mail provider, such as G-Suite's Gmail or Microsoft Office365.

Changing your MX Record:

  1. Log into your cPanel, navigate to Domains section > Zone Editor menu.

  2. Click Manage next to your domain.

  3. Click on the MX Tab.
    Note: The default MX record for all hosted domains is

  4. Under Actions, click on the Edit tool and that will allow you to adjust your MX Record's Priority/Destionation. We'll go through these in details next.

The Priority number determines which MX Server is reached first, whereas the Destination is the MX Server name, example below -> with Priority: 5.

Note: If an e-mail is being sent to your domain and the primary MX server does not answer the first attempt then the sending server can contact the second server and so on down the list of entries until the message is accepted for delivery.

Once you have configure your new MX Record, click on Save Record and you are good to go.

Bear in mind, that once you have saved this, this will initiate DNS Propagation, that could take up to 24-48 hours.