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Network and Technology

Posted 29th April, 2019

At StablePoint we use global public cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud as the infrastructure that underpins our platform. We roll out the same identical hosting environment to any location those providers can offer. At the time of writing we offer 84 separate locations, and a range of hosting offerings in each.

The lack of a centralised network means that we are resilient against network or system failure. It also means that as customers add sites with StablePoint, they can spread them between multiple locations and networks. They get the same reliable hosting environment in each location, as well as our excellent customer support.

An overview of network providers can be found on the following pages:

Provider Differences

In general, for most websites the difference between the providers is negligible. You will get excellent speeds on any. However, Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud are the most premium options in our opinion, with faster CPUs and live migrations. This is reflected in the price we pay for their infrastructure, and pass on as higher cost hosting packages. Here are some observations:

  • Google are the only provider to offer live migrations between host nodes.
  • For PCI compliant hosting, the Amazon RDS allows us to create a separate database instance.