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How to Log in to WordPress

Posted 11th June, 2020

If you've just setup WordPress with one of our WordPress Hosting plans or any of our packages provided by Stablepoint, then the standard way to access the WordPress admin area is through 'wp-admin'. During the install process, you would have been given or entered a username and password for the admin area. Please make a note of this or remember it.

  1. To log into WordPress, open a new browser and go to your site. If for any reason your site doesn't come up, it's possible the DNS is still propagating (this can take up to 24 hours after registering a domain or moving to Stablepoint).
  2. If the site comes up successfully, in the address bar adjust the location to read []/wp-admin (where [] is your actual domain name)

Once you've accessed the page and entered the username and password credentials, you'll now be logged into your WordPress dashboard as required. This is where you can manage any settings to do with WordPress - such as installing a new theme, or plugin, or to start writing content under 'Posts' or 'Pages'.

If you need any assistance please feel free to contact our support team today.