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WordPress Caching

Posted 14th August, 2019

Caching involves taking dynamic elements of your site and creating a static version such that the server doesn't have to recreate a page load for every single request. A single WordPress page request for example could be 100 SQL queries and 50 PHP file includes. With caching, this overhead is eliminated and performance can be significantly improved. We always recommend using a caching plugin where possible, because your site will be able to handle more traffic and more concurrent users, and your visitors will have a better experience of using your website.

Popular Caching Plugins for WordPress

WP Super Cache

This plugin is one of the most popular, it does have a lot of settings but it is user-friendly and mostly pre-configured out of the box. Without any configuring, this can be a plugin that you install and will speed up your site without any further knowledge or tweaking.

W3 Total Cache

The W3 Total Cache is another plugin that's extremely popular. We often find this works well with WooCommerce, so is a really good option for eCommerce/shopping sites.

WP Fastest Cache

WP Fastest Cache is a caching plugin, that does the same as the rest, but it also generates static HTML pages of your website content, so that it can contribute even more to the load times. Now, this plugin also comes with GZIP Compression as a option, that will allow you to reduce the size of the files, which are sent to the server of yours.