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Manual Wordpress Installation

Posted 08th August, 2019

In this article, we'll cover the basics, which are needed for manually installing WordPress on your hosting account with us.

1.Download and unzip the WordPress package if you haven’t already. You can obtain the package, if you visit their official website -> and click Download Wordpress.

2.Create a new database for the WordPress installation via the cPanel's tool named MySQL Database Wizard. Be sure to select all of the privileges for the user, that you are assigning to the database.

Note: Make sure to remember the username and password, that you have created during this, as these will be required, when the Installation script is initiated.

3.If you have already unzipped the WordPress package file, then you can go ahead and load your domain, that will get you started with the installation steps. If you haven't done that, please make sure to first access your File Manager, extract the package within the public_html/ and then, visit your domain name.

5.If you are in need of having the installation to be in a sub-directory, let's say as an example,, make sure to have the blog/ folder created first and then, extract the WordPress package within.

That’s it! WordPress should now be installed successfully.