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Importing and Exporting as SQL

Posted 09th August, 2019

Are you looking to export your database, or perhaps to import a newer version of your database? This article will cover the steps needed for either to be achieved.

We'll start off with the first one, and that's exporting an already existing database from your cPanel account. What you need to do, is to be logged in to your cPanel account and then head into phpMyAdmin tool.

The next thing is for you to select the database name, that you'd like to be exported locally on your machine and you've selected the database name, head into the Export tool.

By default, the Format should stay as "SQL", and the Export Method to "Quick", unless you are looking for exporting certain elements/tables from your database, then select the "Custom" one and carry on further.

Now, onto the Importing bit, if you have a newer version of your database, you can "Import" your .SQL file into your database, again through the phpMyAdmin portal. All you need to do, is to login to it, then select the database name and on the top bar, click the "Import". You will then be asked to Attach the file from your computer and once you have done that, you can hit the "Go" button.

If all goes smoothly and with no errors, you have successfully Imported your new database.

If you do find yourself in a tight spot, please make sure to get in touch with us directly, as we will be able to help out further with getting the job done.