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How to change your PHP Version in cPanel

Posted 31st July, 2019

Because we run CloudLinux, we are able to provide a wide range of PHP versions within your own site's virtual environment. This means you can choose the right PHP version for the application(s) you are running. Generally speaking, you are best running the latest version of PHP from a performance, features and security perspective, but there are some older applications not compatible with later versions of PHP and as such you may need to set them to an older version, perhaps 5.6 for example.

Starting off first, head into your cPanel account and navigate to the "Software" Tab, in which you will find a tool, named "Select PHP Version".

Once you have clicked on it, you will find a lot of information stored within, the main one being the current PHP version. By default, it's set to the "Native" version of PHP which is the server default. To change this, choose from the drop down list the preferred version of PHP you'd like to run and then click 'Set as current'

Once you have done that, you have successfully changed your PHP Version to the desired one - the change should take place almost instantly. If there are any problems with the new version, you can always switch back to what it was before in just a couple of clicks. That's the beauty of running PHP in this way.

If you encounter any issues or problems with the PHP selector, please don't hesitate to get in touch.