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How to adjust your PHP Options.

Posted 31st July, 2019

In this article, we will cover the steps needed for adjusting some of your PHP Options available.

The first thing, that you would need to do, is to login to your personal cPanel account and scroll down a bit, until you find the "Software" Tab, in which a tool, named "Select PHP Version" will be available. Click on the tool and a new page will popup, that will display your current PHP Version, but that's not we are after, instead a bit to the right, there will be a button "Switch to PHP Options", so once you have clicked on it, you will find the options/directives available for adjustment.

In most cases, the main tools that always need adjustment are ->





If you are in need of any custom PHP options/directives, we would kindly ask from you to directly get in touch with us and we will more than happy to further look into, whether these are available and if yes, we will do our best to enable/increase them on your behalf.