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How many resources does my website need?

Posted 13th January, 2022

Let's say that you are not so technical and wish to purchase hosting. The first thing you need to look for is a hosting plan that suits your website's needs.

The answer to the question is really not that simple. Our shared hosting plans can hold small to medium websites without question. The exact usage of your website is known by your website developer, however we can provide some general guidelines when it comes to choosing the plan.

Small Websites

Small websites are blog-type ones. Usually they have just text and pictures or embeds which don't really use a lot of resources. If the website code is optimized and the pictures are light and smaller resolution then they won't require much to run.

For these types of websites we recommend: "Go" , "Starter" and if you also wish to have a few other domains in the mix, the "Medium" hosting plan all found here .

Medium Websites

The Medium websites can for example be local ecommerce sites selling a product or a service, but which is not overly large in size nor has a lot of traffic at once.

These would have no problem running on "Medium" and "Advanced" plans, but also on the "Go" and "Unlimited" reseller plans which can be found here .

Heavy Websites

When your website is more on the heavy side as in it's a very popular e-shop and/or has loads of traffic and orders, or it needs to run scripts more often and other heavier software that naturally is more taxing on the resources before the content has been added - then you will need a higher resource solution.

For this we can recommend either the "Premium" reseller if you are looking for a shared hosting solution that allows you to also resell packages to others, or even better a Dedicated server of your own where all the resources are entirely dedicated to your website. The managed servers can be found here.

The Dedicated servers are mostly deployed from Linode however some locations are not available so we will choose Digital Ocean where needed. For Google or Amazon ones please keep reading.

Other types of plans that you can consider in a per-case type situation

Managed Wordpress hosting - This solution is for Wordpress websites especially, with a custom built panel in Kubernetes. These plans are perfect for Wordpress sites, managed by ourselves (updates and maintenance only) and can hold only one website per plan. If you are a web developer looking for a well optimized solution with easy staging-to-live options, these plans are for you.

Magento Hosting - This solution is great for Magento users. Because Magento requires Elasticsearch which is a very heavy-duty software, the Magento solutions are also Dedicated servers with higher specs, however when we deploy them we also make Magento optimizations, install Elasticsearch etc. - to ensure that users don't find any issues or slowness.

On popular request from our customers we are also providing Managed servers from Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud .

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