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Fixing BuddyNS Issues

Posted 21st August, 2019

If you encounter an issue with buddyns, 9/10 there are one of two ways to fix it. However to help narrow it down, you should always go to Lacktables and check for the zone in the DNS section.

Solution 1: Force BuddyNS to add the zone

When to use:

  • A domain has been added (addon or primary) and isn't resolving from ns[1-4] after ~10 minutes
  • The zone doesn't show up in the lacktables list


SSH into the server and as root run: /opt/BuddyNS/bin/ If you see any errors relating to the zone in the output, refer to Solution 3.

Solution 2: Force BuddyNS to retrieve the zone

When to use:

  • A domain is showing with the wrong master IP in lacktables (Though if it's a local ip, ie: or, go to Soluton 3)
  • You've added a new DNS record and it hasn't propagated after ~10 mins


Go to lacktables, and in the DNS section, click Change under the Change Master column. If the Master IP is correct, just click it without any changes. If it's not, set it to the new IP then click change (Though remember about local IPs!)

Solution 3: Ask Bruce or Dom

When to use

  • Above solutions didn't work
  • Weird errors
  • Any other weirdness


Harass Dom and/or Bruce on Slack.