Our cPanel hosting, reseller hosting, and dedicated servers are available on two categories of infrastructure, which we call Standard and Premium.

Three key differences

Our two server types are distinguished in three ways. Each of these areas brings performance, security, and reliability benefits, along with a proportional increase in the cost of providing the service, which is reflected in the prices we charge.

The first difference is in the underlying cloud providers which are used to deploy our platform. The second is the variation in resource allocation, contention, and the pure specification of the underlying hardware. The third difference is the technology and setup we can run on each server, specifically in regards to webserver technology and backups.

The vast majority of websites run perfectly on our standard hosting and will outperform any comparable shared host.

Standard servers

1. Infrastructure

We offer a range of 10+ global locations. We use a mixture of providers and datacentres.

2. Configuration

Servers are set up to support the widest range of websites we can, while still offering impressive performance. On shared and reseller systems, you can use up to 2GB RAM per cPanel account.

3. Technology

They will outperform any comparable shared hosting we are aware of. These run on the Apache HTTP2 webserver.

Premium servers

1. Cloud providers

Deployed on top of enterprise cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform and AliBaba. You choose your desired provider and location as you order. We are the easiest, most-effective, and cheapest way to have your websites fully managed on top of these amazing setups.

2. Configuration

Servers are setup to strict security standards, which means they are ideal for running eCommerce websites such as Magento. These servers include superfast CPUs, and shared and reseller systems include up to 6GB RAM per cPanel account.

3. Technology

These servers run using LiteSpeed and LiteMage, for rapid performance. We also back up your websites four times a day offsite.

Our Premium hosting builds on top of everything offered by our excellent Standard Hosting. With Premium Hosting you get more performance, more resources and an industry-leading SLA. For most web hosting users and the vast majority of websites, our Standard hosting is perfect and will outperform any comparable web host we are aware of, but Premium hosting is there for users with more demanding requirements.

All Stablepoint hosting runs on the excellent cPanel platform, with auto-installers, multiple daily backups, free SSL certificates, and more. It is all centrally managed by our expert systems administrators, and supported by our technical support team 24/7. If you are unsure what is best for your site, please ask us: we will never upsell you something you do not need.

Cloud Providers

We use a number of cloud providers for our systems. Our Standard servers run on high-quality infrastructure from providers like DigitalOcean and Linode. These are great providers, and their focus is on creating scaled environments for companies like us to provide managed services on top of. These are strong stable companies with turnovers of $200m+, and their great value and straightforward use allow us to offer true cloud hosting at amazingly low prices.

Our Premium hosting is based on top of Enterprise-grade servers from household corporate names: Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, Alibaba, as well as CPU optimised servers from DigitalOcean and Linode. These are the trusted behemoths of internet infrastructure, and the technology and investment they put into their systems are staggering. Google, for example, are able to live-migrate virtualised servers with problems to brand new hardware transparently, with no downtime. The hardware we use is high-end: EC2 rather than Lightsail, for instance - and a minimum of 3.8Ghz CPUs.

We believe we are the only web host to be able to offer a fully managed platform on top of these global providers. As a Stablepoint customer, you do not need to have an account with the cloud provider yourself -- their costs are fully borne by us.


Aside from the higher-quality infrastructure of the larger cloud providers, the higher price we charge for our Premium servers enables us to specify the fastest CPUs available.

In addition, lower contention enables us to vastly increase resource allocation such as Cloudlinux limits. Perhaps you're hitting resource limits with your existing provider? Our CPU and memory limits on our premium hosting are very generous, for example on our Enterprise package you have 6GB of RAM. So you'll see great performance whether you're running a busy eCommerce site, a bustling forum or a popular blog.

We run the LiteSpeed web server software for optimum site performance, and this includes the premium LiteMage caching plugin for Magento. This significantly improves Magento store performance and keeps your customers happy and coming back for more. See to the right for an example "out of the box" performance comparison of sample data Magento stores.


More advanced configuration has a number of benefits:

  • PCI (Payment Card Industry) Compliance is important if you are accepting card details on your website. The standard requires procedures like locking down insecure ports and enforcing high standards of encryption. This is important not only for those handling card details, but also for anyone with any other sensitive data through their websites.

Premium servers are setup to pass PCI Level 4 scans by default. If your require higher level compliance, we can offer this on dedicated servers.

  • 4 x Daily Backups are included with all Premium plans.

  • We can offer a high level 99.9% Uptime SLA.

Premium Hosting Plans

We offer two shared and one reseller plans on our Premium infrastructure. Advanced users can also configure servers and adjust the configuration to their needs.